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After School Program- Dance Those Emotions

School: Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School (must be a student at this school)

Goals: This After School Program is designed for 3rd-5th grade students and will run for 6 consecutive weeks. Most kids and even some adults struggle to identify and process emotions. Identification and expression of feelings is a vital part of healthy development for all ages. This program will educate your child about their different emotions and what to do with these feelings and energy, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Dance, art, and movement expressions will be taught in order to help them process through their day to day emotions and stress, giving them healthy tools to use at home. Your child does not have to be struggling academically or at home to benefit from this fun approach to emotional awareness and expression. 

Bio: Amber Worman M.Ed., LPATA, LPCA is a licensed Art Therapist and owner of Phoenix Rising Wellness in Louisville, KY. The focus of her work is with kids and teens through dance, movement, play, and healing arts. Taking a Holistic approach, the mission of her work is to help kids and teens learn about emotions, different forms of expression, positive self-care, and healthy lifestyles through healing foods, fitness, and caring for the environment.

Ages: This program is designed for 3rd-5th students

Cost: $95.00 per student includes all 6 weeks

Medicaid Paid Option: Parents will need to contact Amber for further information

Dates and Times: January 24th 2018- February 28th 2018

Every Wednesday from 3:45pm -5:00pm at the school

January 24th- Who Are You- exploring self through art and dance

January 31st- What's That Emotion- increasing emotional awareness through game play

February 7th- The Shake, Clap, & Jump Way-  learn further how to express overwhelming emotions through dance

February 14th- Color Dance- learn how to self-monitor the level of intensity of emotional expression through play and dance

February 21st- Magic Dance Sticks- learn about the importance of recycling, creativity, imagination, and expression

February 28th- Dynamic- learn to work together with other students and increase imagination and creativity.

Week Breakdowns-

January 24th- Who Are You: Through movement and dance poses of choice the child will express a greeting non-verbally and the group will mirror this greeting back, increasing ability to communicate and show empathy. They will then be encouraged to create a name-tag about who they are. The group will use dance and body language to express who they are through a series of questions (are they quiet or loud, are they funny or serious). These will be used as a fun icebreaker and to introduce the children to movement and dance while increasing creative and expression. Ending session with a free style dance party and breathing exercises.

January 31st- What's That Emotion- What's That Emotion: Once greeting and the dance warm up has happened the children will start off with creating their own emotion bingo cards from recycled materials. Once created they game play for a round or two of bingo will occur. This will help increase conversation about emotions and emotional awareness in a fun engaging way. Prizes will be fruits to support a healthy child. Ending session with a free style dance party and breathing exercises.

February 7th- The Shake, Clap, & Jump Way: Following the routine set greetings and a dance warm up gets this party started. Using modern songs the kids can relate to, they will learn to use dance and body expression and movements to reduce overwhelming feelings and excess energies. Ending session with a free style dance party and breathing exercises.

February 14th- Color Dance: Color Dance: Dance greeting and the warm kick us off for the afternoon. The group will then create colored feathers to do the color dance challenge. The different color levels will teach them body awareness and how to control of impulses through game play and dance. The winners will be given a fruit as healthy prizes. Ending session with a free style dance party and breathing exercises.

February 21st- Magic Dance Sticks: Greetings and dance start us out and lead us into the magically land of creating. The group will create their own dance streamer out of recycled tree branches and other various materials. Then they will use their magically stick through dance and storytelling. This will increase the children's creativity, imagination, and expressive play and movement. Ending session with a free style dance party and breathing exercises.

February 28th- Dynamic: As always the kids will start session with a dance greeting and warm up. For the last session of the program the kids will get their creative hats on and design a group dance. They will be encouraged to work together to design their dance moves step by step increasing imagination and creativity. The breaking down process of this will increase motor planning, and patience's. This session will also increase their abilities to work together with other members, social play, and communication skills. Confidence will be built as they perform their last dance as a group.