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After School Program- Dance Those Emotions

School: TBA

Goals: This After School Program is designed for kids in the 3rd-5th grades and will run for 9 consecutive weeks. Most kids and even some adults struggle to identify and process emotions. Identification and expression of feelings is a vital part of healthy development for all children. This program will educate children about the different emotions and what to do with these emotions and energy, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Dance, art, and movement expressions will be taught in order to help them process through their day to day emotions and stress giving them healthy tools to use at home.  

Bio: Amber Worman M.Ed., LPATA, LPCA is a licensed Art Therapist and owner of Phoenix Rising Wellness in Louisville, KY. The focus of her work is with kids and teens through dance, movement, play, and healing arts. Taking a Holistic approach, the mission of her work is to help kids and teens learn about emotions, different forms of expression, positive self-care, and healthy lifestyles through healing foods, fitness, and caring for the environment.

Ages: This program is designed for 3rd-5th students.

Cost: $125.00 per student includes all 9 weeks

Medicaid Paid Option: Parents will need to contact Amber for further information

Dates and Times: TBA

Every Thursday from 3:45pm -5:00pm at the school